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The truth about colonoscopy
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Colonoscopy can prevent colon cancer by finding and removing suspicious masses before they become malignant. Continued...

Stop colon cancer in its tracks
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It’s time to start talking about colon health. We’ll help you get the conversation started! Continued...

Weighing your weight-loss options
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No matter if you’re 15 or 50 pounds overweight, shedding those extra pounds goes beyond a New Year’s resolution – it’s a lifestyle choice, albeit one that’s not always simple. Learn about your options. Continued...

Video: Weigh your weight-loss options
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Even 10 extra pounds can take a toll on the body. Watch the video to hear Dr. Dain Wahl explain how you can lose weight the healthy way. Continued...

Living with shoulder arthritis
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There are many ways to reduce symptoms of shoulder arthritis. Continued...

Hypertension is more than just a number
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Find out the causes and treatments for high blood pressure, or hypertension. Continued...

Colonoscopy is the gold standard for colon cancer screening
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Dr. Michael Kreines shares why colonoscopy remains one of the best tests to screen for colon cancer, and when you should schedule your screening. Continued...

Breast Cancer: Fact vs. fiction
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If you think you know all the facts about breast cancer, you might be missing some important information. Find out if what you know is fact or fiction. Continued...

Setting the record straight on prostate cancer
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Common myths about prostate cancer could be harmful to your health. Get the facts on prostate cancer to help ward off this preventable and highly treatable disease. Learn the truth about prostate cancer and how to detect it. Continued...

Take control of diabetes with nutrition
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If you think managing your diabetes consists only of monitoring your insulin and taking your medications at the right time, nosh on this: Good nutrition is the number one way to control diabetes. Continued...

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