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New answers for inhalation allergies
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Allergy drops administered under the tongue — sublingual immunotherapy — are a new alternative to allergy shots. Continued...

Video: Breathe easy with seasonal allergies
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Don't let high pollen counts keep you inside this spring. Dr. Spata suggests allergy remedies. Continued...

Spring Cleaning Tips To Reduce Allergens
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Simple ways you can improve the indoor air quality in your home. Continued...

The Pieces Of Heart Health
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Complete the heart health puzzle by learning about each important piece. Continued...

Heart screening is a life-saver
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Find out more about an easy, non-invasive heart scan that could help save your life. Continued...

Hypertension is more than just a number
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Find out the causes and treatments for high blood pressure, or hypertension. Continued...

How to prioritize heart-healthy exercise
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Lose the excuses and start making exercise a regular habit with these tips. Continued...

Tips To Get You Through Flu Season
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Being cooped up at home and at work during the winter can increase your chances of getting sick. Tips to help you and your family avoid the flu. Continued...

New Year, New You: 10 Wellness Tips
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Make 2013 your healthiest yet with these health and wellness tips. Continued...

Clear your head, calm your gut
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The next time you experience a knot in your stomach, don't assume it was something you ate. Find out how stress and anxiety could be causing your tummy troubles. Continued...

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