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Concussions – Measuring the ImPACT®
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On-field collisions can have lingering effects on young athletes. Learn what you can do to prepare before sending your player onto the field. Continued...

Concussions: From a player’s point of view
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Read the account of how one young quarterback recovered from a concussion. Continued...

A Football Town’s Guide to Healthy Tailgating
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Learn how to transform game day treats in time for Sunday’s game. Continued...

Could it be more than a stomachache?
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The digestive process is complex, but knowing whether your symptoms are serious or not doesn't have to be. Dr. Michael Kreines tells you what symptoms to watch out for. Continued...

Colonoscopy is the gold standard for colon cancer screening
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Dr. Michael Kreines shares why colonoscopy remains one of the best tests to screen for colon cancer, and when you should schedule your screening. Continued...

Five ways to manage a global food palate at home
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Your diet is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle. Learn how you can eat your favorite foods and still maintain good digestive health. Continued...

Four reasons to see a doctor for GI pain
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Find out when to reach for an antacid and when to call your GI doctor for your stomach woes. Continued...

The Incredible Bulk: How fiber can be a part of every meal
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Fiber is one of the most important (and hardest working) components of a healthy diet. Discover inventive ways to fit this super-substance into your meals and snacks. Continued...

Take the mystery out of ear pain
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If you've ever wondered what ringing in your ears or jaw pain is a symptom of, it's time to find the answers. Continued...

Is the lawnmower cutting your ability to hear?
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Some sounds you hear everyday might be causing permanent auditory damage. Learn how to keep your ears healthy in the long run. Continued...

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