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Video: Stay healthy during cold and flu season
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Dr. Antoinette Pragalos shares tips on how to be protected from the cold and flu and fights misconceptions with facts. Continued...

Stock your cold and flu prevention toolkit
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There’s more to protecting yourself from the cold and flu than immunizations. Dr. White provides helpful tips on what should be in your toolkit during the cold and flu season. Continued...

Serious cold or sinusitis?
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You could be dealing with sinusitis and not even know it. How you can tell the difference between a serious cold and sinusitis. Continued...

Tips To Get You Through Flu Season
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Being cooped up at home and at work during the winter can increase your chances of getting sick. Tips to help you and your family avoid the flu. Continued...

New Year, New You: 10 Wellness Tips
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Make 2013 your healthiest yet with these health and wellness tips. Continued...

West Nile Virus: Reducing your family’s risk for infection
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A record number of West Nile virus cases have been reported in 2012, but there are steps you can take to prevent you and your family from getting the illness. Continued...

Prevent the sneeze, avoid the wheeze
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The cold and flu viruses can put added stress on the respiratory system of asthma sufferers. Learn how to be prepared so you can avoid a trip to the ER. Continued...

Sick? How to tell if it’s the cold or flu
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Cold and flu symptoms often mimic each other, but there are differences. Learn how to tell the difference, how to prevent both and how to take action if you get sick. Continued...

Back-to-school immunizations checklist
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Keep your child healthy by scheduling their annual immunizations. Whether your child is entering kindergarten or headed off to college, use this simple immunization checklist to keep them up to date. Continued...

VRE: Treatment and prevention
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VRE stands for vancomycinresistant enterococcus. Vancomycin is an antibiotic used to treat certain infections, including those caused by most strains of enterococcus. Continued...

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