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Echo for Athletes: Providing piece of mind on and off the field
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We’ve all heard the stories: In the middle of throwing a football down a field or kicking a goal, a young athlete unexpectedly collapses and dies of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Undetected cardiovascular conditions can put even healthy athletes at risk for SCA. A new cardiac screening program could detect heart conditions before they become serious. Continued...

Echocardiograms for Athletes
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Ongoing, The Christ Hospital, $99

Abnormalities of the heart can often go undetected – which can be extremely dangerous for competitive athletes. Simple echocardiogram screenings can provide images of the heart, and detect anything conditions that need medical attention in a painless non-invasive way. Heart specialists at The Christ Hospital offer these specialized screenings at a reduced rate for young athletes.    

To schedule a screening call 513-585-2668 or for more information, click here.


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