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Got Allergies? Spring into action
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If you’re one of the thousands of Cincinnatians who suffer from seasonal allergies, get to the source of the sneezing and start controlling your allergies now. Continued...

VIDEO BLOG: Proper hand washing takes time
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Dr. Pragalos explains how to properly wash your hands to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of illness. Continued...

Targeting Tobacco
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Tuesdays, February 5 - March 12, 6–7 p.m., at 625 Eden Park Drive, Third Floor Conference Room 

Targeting Tobacco is a six-week tobacco cessation wellness coaching program customized to target the triggers that send you back to tobacco use. 


Video: A chef's recipe for weight loss
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Shawn McCoy, Executive Chef and Owner of The Brown Dog Cafe, shares his personal motivation for creating a healthy, nutrient-rich menu. Continued...

Stock your cold and flu prevention toolkit
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There’s more to protecting yourself from the cold and flu than immunizations. Dr. White provides helpful tips on what should be in your toolkit during the cold and flu season. Continued...

Primary care is a family affair
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When family members are involved in each other’s medical care, it can improve wellness and outcomes. Continued...

Have food allergies become more common?
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Learn about the most common foods that produce allergic responses, and how to deal with an intolerance. Continued...

New answers for inhalation allergies
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Allergy drops administered under the tongue — sublingual immunotherapy — are a new alternative to allergy shots. Continued...

Be the boss of workplace stress
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There are plenty of situations at work that can make your stress levels skyrocket. Learn how to take the stress out of your workday. Continued...

Breast Cancer: Fact vs. fiction
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If you think you know all the facts about breast cancer, you might be missing some important information. Find out if what you know is fact or fiction. Continued...

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