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Heart Works: A Heart Failure Education and Support Group
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Every 4th Wednesday of each month (except special dates in Nov. and Dec., 12:30–3 p.m. at The Christ Hospital, 2139 Auburn Ave., A-Level, Classroom 8

If you have Heart Failure, we encourage you and your family to attend to learn better ways to manage this disease. A heart-healthy lunch is provided. For more information, please call 513-585-0378.


Heart Failure: From detection to recovery
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More than five million Americans have suffered from heart failure. It is the fastest growing disease in cardiology with over half a million new cases diagnosed each year. Continued...

Vascular Screenings
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Ongoing, The Christ Hospital, $99

A simple vascular screening test could be the key to preventing life-threatening cardiovascular diseases. The Christ Hospital offers vascular screenings for: abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery stenosis and peripheral vascular disease. Following the screening, you will be given a preliminary report by the sonographer, and your primary care physician will review and mail the final report after it is reviewed by a board-certified vascular surgeon.

To schedule a vascular screening, call 513-585-2668 or for more information, click here.


Matters of the Heart: What women need to know about heart disease
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This information tells you why you should be concerned about your own heart health, and what you can do to prevent heart disease. Continued...

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