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Heart screening is a life-saver
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Find out more about an easy, non-invasive heart scan that could help save your life. Continued...

A maintenance plan for your heart
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Discover who can care for your heart’s electrical and plumbing system when the system is in need of repair. Continued...

Diabetes Support Group
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Every 2nd Monday of March, June, September and December, Noon – 1 p.m., at The Christ Hospital, 2139 Auburn Ave., A-Level, Classroom 7

Join the discussion on living with diabetes. For more information about this FREE support group, contact Kathy Blessinger at 513-585-2048.


The Heart of the Matter: The relationship between diabetes and heart disease
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Glucose (sugar) runs through every blood vessel in the body. It’s no wonder that research has shown that elevated levels of blood glucose, known as pre-diabetes, can cause damage. Continued...

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