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Stock your cold and flu prevention toolkit
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There’s more to protecting yourself from the cold and flu than immunizations. Dr. White provides helpful tips on what should be in your toolkit during the cold and flu season. Continued...

Prevent the sneeze, avoid the wheeze
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The cold and flu viruses can put added stress on the respiratory system of asthma sufferers. Learn how to be prepared so you can avoid a trip to the ER. Continued...

Sick? How to tell if it’s the cold or flu
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Cold and flu symptoms often mimic each other, but there are differences. Learn how to tell the difference, how to prevent both and how to take action if you get sick. Continued...

Echocardiograms for Athletes
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Ongoing, The Christ Hospital, $99

Abnormalities of the heart can often go undetected – which can be extremely dangerous for competitive athletes. Simple echocardiogram screenings can provide images of the heart, and detect anything conditions that need medical attention in a painless non-invasive way. Heart specialists at The Christ Hospital offer these specialized screenings at a reduced rate for young athletes.    

To schedule a screening call 513-585-2668 or for more information, click here.


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