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Back-to-school health assignments for you, your kids and your family physician
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New clothes, shoes, school supplies and even the latest technological gadgets and gizmos can only go so far in getting kids ready for school. To keep your kids healthy and ease the transition, you, your child and your family physician all need to be on the same page. Learn how to get there. Continued...

A Health Syllabus: Advice for college freshmen
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First came the college search. Then came the acceptance letter. Now you’re helping your teen prepare for his or her first year as a college freshman. It’s easy to take care of the basics: trips to the store for towels, toasters and the mini-fridge; signing final registration forms; and packing the family vehicle for moving day. Continued...

Echo for Athletes: Providing piece of mind on and off the field
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We’ve all heard the stories: In the middle of throwing a football down a field or kicking a goal, a young athlete unexpectedly collapses and dies of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Undetected cardiovascular conditions can put even healthy athletes at risk for SCA. A new cardiac screening program could detect heart conditions before they become serious. Continued...

Echocardiograms for Athletes
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Ongoing, The Christ Hospital, $99

Abnormalities of the heart can often go undetected – which can be extremely dangerous for competitive athletes. Simple echocardiogram screenings can provide images of the heart, and detect anything conditions that need medical attention in a painless non-invasive way. Heart specialists at The Christ Hospital offer these specialized screenings at a reduced rate for young athletes.    

To schedule a screening call 513-585-2668 or for more information, click here.


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