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Prostate cancer: Find it and fight it early
0 Comments | 107 Recommended
Get the facts on helpful screenings, common risk factors, and treatments for prostate cancer. Continued...

Patient story: Treating prostate cancer with HDR radiation
0 Comments | 167 Recommended
Bob shares his journey through prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, which included the HDR Suite at The Christ Hospital. Continued...

Breast exams and screenings can save your life
0 Comments | 97 Recommended
Regular exams and mammograms, starting at age 40, should be part of every woman’s breast health regimen. Continued...

VIDEO: Osteoarthritis with Dr. Daniel Funk
0 Comments | 64 Recommended
Watch Dr. Daniel Funk, The Christ Hospital Physicians--Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, to learn how to control your knee pain due to osteoarthritis. Continued...

Keep joints healthy, from head to toe
0 Comments | 145 Recommended
These tips will help you strengthen and protect your joints. Continued...

VIDEO BLOG: Knee arthritis facts and tips
0 Comments | 127 Recommended
Dr. Daniel A. Funk defines arthritis, separates the fact from fiction when it comes to what causes it and explains how knee replacements typically work. Continued...

Hip replacement isn't just for seniors anymore
0 Comments | 104 Recommended
Learn what causes hip arthritis and when it’s time to consider a replacement. Continued...

Is knee replacement in your future?
0 Comments | 102 Recommended
Learn about risk factors, symptoms and treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee — as well as replacement. Continued...

Living with shoulder arthritis
0 Comments | 161 Recommended
There are many ways to reduce symptoms of shoulder arthritis. Continued...

VIDEO BLOG: Proper hand washing takes time
0 Comments | 69 Recommended
Dr. Pragalos explains how to properly wash your hands to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of illness. Continued...

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