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The Guy’s Guide to Living Healthy in Cincy
2 Comments | 289 Recommended
Break out of your routine when you follow this guy’s guide to getting fit in Cincinnati. Continued...

Medical advice for the macho man
2 Comments | 151 Recommended
It’s plain and simple: Men don’t like going to the doctor. Learn why you should stop the excuses and show your doctor just how macho you are by paying him or her a visit. Continued...

Setting the record straight on prostate cancer
0 Comments | 135 Recommended
Common myths about prostate cancer could be harmful to your health. Get the facts on prostate cancer to help ward off this preventable and highly treatable disease. Learn the truth about prostate cancer and how to detect it. Continued...

Healthy living sparks sexual health
1 Comments | 167 Recommended
Before you reach for the Viagra® to boost bedroom bliss, consider your overall health. Dr. Delamerced teaches you how protecting your whole body can add spark to your sex life. Continued...

Back-to-school immunizations checklist
0 Comments | 167 Recommended
Keep your child healthy by scheduling their annual immunizations. Whether your child is entering kindergarten or headed off to college, use this simple immunization checklist to keep them up to date. Continued...

Sun safety from head to toe
0 Comments | 141 Recommended
Each summer, we try to get the most out of the sun while we can. However, without the right precautions, we could be doing major damage to our bodies. Learn how to protect yourself from head to toe. Continued...

Weekend Warriors: Avoiding battle scars
2 Comments | 291 Recommended
Once the weather starts to improve, we tend to try and fit a week’s worth of outdoor activities into one weekend. But sometimes, doing too much too quickly can cause injury. Learn how you can continue to be a weekend warrior, worry-free. Continued...

Video: Summer Sun Safety
0 Comments | 104 Recommended
Get tips from Dr. John Piersma on how to protect yourself from the summer sun from head to toe. Continued...

Sunscreen labels, decoded
0 Comments | 172 Recommended
Does sunscreen lingo leave you feeling confused? Keep your skin protected by learning what should be in your sunscreen this summer. Continued...

Get an “A” in Aging Crossword Puzzle
0 Comments | 273 Recommended
Sharpen your memory and buff up on strategies for healthy aging using our interactive crossword puzzle. Continued...

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