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Video: Breathe easy with seasonal allergies
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Don't let high pollen counts keep you inside this spring. Dr. Spata suggests allergy remedies. Continued...

Got Allergies? Spring into action
1 Comments | 411 Recommended
If you’re one of the thousands of Cincinnatians who suffer from seasonal allergies, get to the source of the sneezing and start controlling your allergies now. Continued...

Spring Cleaning Tips To Reduce Allergens
0 Comments | 146 Recommended
Simple ways you can improve the indoor air quality in your home. Continued...

Have food allergies become more common?
0 Comments | 122 Recommended
Learn about the most common foods that produce allergic responses, and how to deal with an intolerance. Continued...

New answers for inhalation allergies
0 Comments | 93 Recommended
Allergy drops administered under the tongue — sublingual immunotherapy — are a new alternative to allergy shots. Continued...

Prevent the sneeze, avoid the wheeze
1 Comments | 343 Recommended
The cold and flu viruses can put added stress on the respiratory system of asthma sufferers. Learn how to be prepared so you can avoid a trip to the ER. Continued...

Practicing good hand hygiene
0 Comments | 114 Recommended
Hand hygiene is the newest term to describe washing or decontaminating the hands and is the single most important step in preventing the spread of infection. Continued...

How to prioritize heart-healthy exercise
0 Comments | 191 Recommended
Lose the excuses and start making exercise a regular habit with these tips. Continued...

Hypertension is more than just a number
0 Comments | 89 Recommended
Find out the causes and treatments for high blood pressure, or hypertension. Continued...

Heart screening is a life-saver
0 Comments | 169 Recommended
Find out more about an easy, non-invasive heart scan that could help save your life. Continued...

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