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Back-to-school health assignments for you, your kids and your family physician
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New clothes, shoes, school supplies and even the latest technological gadgets and gizmos can only go so far in getting kids ready for school. To keep your kids healthy and ease the transition, you, your child and your family physician all need to be on the same page. Learn how to get there. Continued...

A Health Syllabus: Advice for college freshmen
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First came the college search. Then came the acceptance letter. Now you’re helping your teen prepare for his or her first year as a college freshman. It’s easy to take care of the basics: trips to the store for towels, toasters and the mini-fridge; signing final registration forms; and packing the family vehicle for moving day. Continued...

Video: Getting back in the game
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Watch Dr. Warren G. Harding III explain the four basic principles of recovering from a sports injury. Continued...

What's in your sports drink?
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Use our interactive feature to learn how to choose a sports drink that’s right. Continued...

Fitness Over 40: Three rules to live by
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Learn why the adage "use it or lose it" holds a lot of truth for those 40 and older. Continued...

Game-changing steps to recover from sports injuries
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Learn the four basic principles to recover from a sports injury. Continued...

Skin Cancer Prevention with Dr. Philip Leming
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Taking a few simple steps every month to protect your skin could help you avoid becoming part of the more than three million Americans who will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year. Learn more prevention tips from Dr. Philip Leming, oncologist, with The Christ Hospital. Continued...

Summer Skin Protection with Susan Connell
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Susan Connell, R.N., with The Christ Hospital gives important tips on protecting your skin from the sun's damaging effects. Continued...

Stock Your Travel Safety Kit
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Use our interactive guide to stock your summer travel safety kit. From sun protection to upset stomach relief, you’ll learn which items are essential to staying healthy no matter where your travels take you. Continued...

Five tips for a healthy vacation
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Learn how to take care of your health while taking a break from your every day routines. Continued...

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