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Shaoming Huang, M.D. receives 2010 Larry Otto Family-Centered Care Award

Shaoming Huang, M.D., nephrologist, was the first physician to be awarded the Larry Otto Family-Centered Care Award. The Larry Otto Award was created to recognize two employees of The Christ Hospital, and this year, a physician, who exemplify qualities that reflect family-centered care. In the changing healthcare environment, we know that inviting individuals and families to participate and collaborate with the hospital care team in a patient’s care helps improve outcomes.

This special award was named after Larry Otto because, as a patient at The Christ Hospital, he had first-hand experience with family-centered care. He was also a founding member and secretary of the Family Advisory Council and was passionate about promoting family involvement throughout the healthcare experience. Sadly, on Nov. 30, 2008, Larry passed away. This award is intended to keep his memory and the spirit of family-centered care alive.

Some of qualifications for nominees include:

  • Must consistently provide high quality patient care
  • Must consistently strive to partner with patients and families
  • Must demonstrate a willingness to listen
  • Must be an advocate for the needs of patients and families
  • Must be willing to share knowledge.

Dr. Huang was nominated by Sara Frazee, a nurse from 4 South. Sara had the following to say about Dr. Huang:

“Dr. Huang is a shining example of a patient and family centered care physician. Let me give you but one example. Dr. Huang had a patient who was newly diagnosed with end stage renal disease and would require hemodialysis. As you may imagine, this turn of events had left our patient and family reeling and searching for information. He and his family had told me that even though Dr. Huang had spoken with them at length in the hemodialysis unit at TCH, they still had many questions and concerns. I called Dr. Huang and relayed this request over the phone. Keep in mind that this was Thanksgiving eve and was already fairly late in the evening. I knew from earlier conversation with Dr. Huang that he was anxious to get home to his waiting family. Yet, Dr. Huang came to 4 South to speak at length again with his patient and family. Afterward, he reviewed our patient and family’s concerns and the plan of care with me. When I entered our very special patient’s room, the mood had changed. Instead of a palpable anxiety, there seemed to be calmness. My patient, his wife and even his daughter said that Dr. Huang spoke with them at length and made sense of the medical jargon that had so confused them. They said that they now understood the plan of care. They also said that although they were aware that Dr. Huang had many patients, he made them feel like they were his top priority and were immensely grateful that he had taken this extra time on a holiday eve to meet with them. These behaviors are not unusual for this amazing physician. Dr. Huang routinely practices this type of patient and family centered care and includes the nurses when reviewing the plan of care. As a result, his patients receive the most coordinated and seamless medical care. I am honored to nominate him for this prestigious award.”

Tracy Maley, R.N., operating room, was also awarded, for the nursing category, and Daniel Blair, PCA, 4 South, was awarded for the support staff category. Congratulations to Tracy, Daniel and Dr. Huang. All three received a special award and were recognized in the cafeteria during Hospital and Nurses’ Week on May 12 by Deborah Hayes, R.N., M.S., N.E.A.-B.C., Chief Nursing Officer, Sue Dickey, R.N., M.S.N., Director of Nursing Excellence and Improvement, and Sandy Kerns, Family Advisory Council chair. Larry Otto’s wife Clare, son Matt, and daughter Toni were also present to extend their congratulations to the three recipients.

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