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A Team Approach: Taking the time to help patients heal

April 28, 2010

Dear Ms. Croushore,

During the past two weeks, my mother, Marlene West was a patient at The Christ Hospital. She was admitted having just had a severe heart attack. Unfortunately, my mom’s health is not great and she suffers from a couple of chronic illnesses. Given this, myself, my bother and my father have experienced numerous hospital stays with my mom.

In our experience, usually, there is one decent doctor, maybe a few helpful nurses and with time, medicine and good fortune, Mom recovers and can go home. However, with this stay at The Christ Hospital, there was a team of amazing doctors, not just one decent one. As well, there were entire staffs of incredible nurses, all committed to superior care for my mom. From the receptionist to the Medical Intensive Care Unit to the Chief Surgeon, it was apparent that everyone found fulfillment in their jobs and they did them well. What a wonderful, pleasant surprise in today’s world of healthcare!

I’m not sure how you and your staff do it, but you hire the right people for your environment and provide incentive that maintains their motivation and commitment for their work. I feel we were blessed that my mom was taken to The Christ Hospital.

I must tell you there were many professionals at The Christ Hospital who touched my families’ lives in such positive ways. Dr. Mitts and Dr. Kanagarajan are simply exceptional at their callings. MICU nurses; Brandie, Shawn and Andrea provided excellent care while being so personally attentive. Also in MICU, Dr. Mount took her time with us and helped us understand the complex condition facing my mother. Once Mom was taken to CardioVascular Intensive Care, another round of exceptional nurses were with her every step of the way. In particular, Kim managed her most critical care with exceptional knowledge as well as compassion.

I know that hospital stays are horrible times for families and opportunity for feedback is often consumed with caring for your loved one. However this time, I feel that the level and consistency of care and healing was so special that you need to hear about it. Thanks to everyone of those staff members who took such good care of my mom.

Sincerely yours,

Teresa West Huston 

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