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Going the Distance: Providing care when and where patients need it

June 30, 2010

Dear Dr. Croushore,

I am writing to inform you of exemplary service that I received recently by one of your attending physicians, Jeremy Bruce, MD, and his staff.

My 89 year-old mother came for a visit to Cincinnati from her home in Arizona earlier this month. Upon her arrival, I noticed a very large cellulitis on her lower leg. In addition, she had numerous skin tears due to the deteriorating condition of the epidermis of her forearms. She had not addressed the situation with her internist in Arizona, likely due to evolving senile dementia. I called my internist, who directed me to Dr. Bruce as the wound care specialist. She was seen by Dr. Bruce the next day, and after a brief examination, he personally escorted her to the admitting station. Pre-certs were obtained from her HMO in Arizona within minutes, and she was placed in a room and, within no more than two hours after first seeing Dr. Bruce in the clinic, was being given multiple IV antibiotics as an in-patient.

She was discharged after a few days and followed two days later in the Wound Healing Center, where I again found Dr. Bruce and the staff willing to do anything to assure my mother’s recovery. Gerontologists who had seen my mother in the hospital quickly diagnosed the senile dementia, and the staff at the Wound Healing Center quickly worked out a plan for dealing with this as well.

In brief, I have never experienced such expedited and quality service from any health care professional. Every single staff member I encountered could not have shown more empathy and patience with what was obviously a very difficult patient situation. In the end, my wife had to fly my mother back to Phoenix so that she could be cared for in her health network and be at home where we have since arranged for independent living.

As an aside, while visiting my mother as an inpatient, my wife’s car became disabled in the parking lot such that it could not be moved. Officer Velkhoff of Protective Services spent over 2 hours attempting to fix the car, including crawling under the vehicle in his uniform and eventually, arranging a tow truck. He met me the next morning to make sure everything was under control.

Undoubtedly, experiences such as these go a long way towards the recognition by the greater Cincinnati community of the quality of every aspect of The Christ Hospital. I can’t thank you enough.

Best regards,

Edward Giannini

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